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  • Private instruction $60 per hour
  When I first moved to the Boston area, I took a three month sabbatical from my job as a lawyer to pursue other interests. I was looking for a group printmaking studio where I could work independently but also learn from those around me. I wanted the ability to create new copper etching plates. I was hoping to meet new friends. I didn't want a year lease.

Liz Shepherd's studio was a perfect fit. I participated in my first open studios in my first week as a member and sold an etching. I organized the studio's first portfolio/exchange. I stayed three months.

We went out to lunch. We ate dinner in.We had coffee. I stayed late into the night,printing editions for international exchanges, experimenting with new techniques.

Unfortunately, I'm back at work, without much free time, so I've let my membership lapse. But I hope to be back there one of these days. I miss it.

G.G., Cambridge